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He experienced and portrayed life to the fullest on the stages of business, family and invention.
At Ohio Drill and Tool, a family-owned company spanning three generations, we know the worth of accurate and precise workmanship. We have been manfacturing drills in the same location since 1948. Our founders, George and Helen Sanor, started out manufacturing drill bits for ballpoint pens in their basement right here in Homeworth, Ohio. After more than 60 years in the industry, we understand the value of personal service, skillful handling of orders, reliable shipments and timely deliveries. Achieving these high standards is what sets us apart from all the rest.


Our success as leaders in the cutting tool industry, though, belongs to you. Because of your confidence in our products and your loyalty to our company, we have been able to accomplish our goals and to set new ones. We extend to you our deepest gratitude and heartfelt "thank you."

Ohio Drill & Tool Company, The Home of Precision Ground Drills & Tools, specializes in the manufacturing of high quality cutting tools. We meet and exceed our customers expectations in value, delivery and quality.

Consistent provision of high-quality cutting tools is our business, continued commitment to our customers is our profession.

We define precision!