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Ohio Drill & Tool Company has been manufacturing drills at the same location since 1948.

We excel in the manufacture of small diameter twist drills, half rounds, straight flute drills, and spiral reamers. We manufacture special drills in diameters from #100 wire gage (.005") up to 1/8 (.125") and metric .15mm up to 3.2mm and can produce up to 6" (150mm) flute lengths maximum. We manufacture special drills in regular spiral, fast spiral, slow spiral and parabolic flute in right hand and left hand cut.


  • We will quote on small quantity requests for special drills, 12-piece minimum. We use top quality M-1, M-2, and M-42 (cobalt) high speed steel and stock large quantities of high-speed steel and can offer quick delivery on special made drills. We stock many sizes and types of specials and can often fill orders from stock.
  • We manufacture drill and reamer blanks in standard and special lengths, in diameters from #100 wire gage (.005") up to 1" (1.000") and metric .15mm up to 25.0mm.
  • We manufacture Half-Round Drills from #80 wire gage (.0135") up to 1" (1.000") and metric .35mm up to 25.0mm, including special diameter and special lengths. Half-Round Drills work exceptionally well in brass and free machining aluminum.
  • We manufacture special drills for the fabrication and cleaning of tire molds, drills for drilling welding torch tips, dental drills, spoon drills for wooden and plastic hair brushes, micro flush drills for EDM use, etc. We also manufacture tipping mandrels for medical applications.


Consistent provision of high-quality cutting tools is our business, continued commitment to our customers is our profession.






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